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About Us

About Us

About Saibaba Surfactants

Saibaba Surfactants Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 1998 is industry leader in Emulsifiers, Surfactants and Performance Chemicals. With a diverse portfolio and highly trained & experienced staff, we believe in providing our customers with the best quality through constant development and innovation, achieved through advanced infrastructure and timely training and development of our employees.

With over 30 years of experience we cater to a variety of industries such as Agro Chemicals, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Home Care, Paints & Emulsion Polymerisation, Paper and many more.

Based in Ahmedabad, the company operates with a deep and reliable network in different peripheries of the world. With a strong and enthusiastic team and Customer centric business model, we are dedicated to satisfying the need of the customer - ensuring that every order is delivered with speed, quality and accuracy.

Our Founder

Saibaba Surfactants Pvt. Ltd. is the brainchild of late Mr. Sanjay Mehta, a serial entrepreneur and one of the recognised names in chemical industries across Gujarat. With years of experience and expertise in the field of performance chemicals, Saibaba Surfactants Pvt. Ltd. (SSPL) was founded in the year 1998. From the very beginning, he had a long term vision to meet domestic and international demand for these chemicals and to develop the company in a sustainable way. His vision and hard-work through the years has helped us attain a reputation that speaks for itself.

Our Values

International Business

Saibaba Surfactants Pvt Ltd. Is one of the major exporter of ethylene oxide derivatives in India. Our unique selling propositions based on unmatched quality and competitive pricing has helped us create a presence in more than 20 countries. More than 25 years of experience in the field has helped us in facing various obstacles and hurdles smoothly, and ensuring timely deliveries through proper channels and routes throughout the world. We believe in constantly improvising on products and satisfying customer needs through aggressive Research and Development. This helps in studying and understanding the demands of every customer based on their application.

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